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Hard Tag And The Difference Between Soft Labels
- Oct 31, 2017 -

General supermarket to use the label has two categories:

One is placed on the shelf of the rectangular label, print the name of the above, bar code, origin and other information. Mostly made of coated paper, printed by the supermarket staff on demand, the general one class of goods, harder.

Second, the bulk of goods and fruits and vegetables weighing, the electronic price scale to print out the label, printed above the name, weight, unit price, total price, bar code. Posted on the transparent shopping bag, the cashier sweep the above bar code will be able to pay, and such labels with self-adhesive paper production, soft, roll placed in the electronic weighing said internal.

First, the soft label decoder can be used to decode, only one-time use, and the metal, tin foil shielding, can not be directly attached to the above. Applicable to department stores such as Xian hair water, boxed and other valuable goods

The placement of the label must be carried out before the goods shelves, so easy to grasp the ratio of placing the label to prevent repeated placement. In addition, the following basic principles apply to the ratio of hard tags installed on a product or to a soft label:

The use of labels principles:

(1) cashier easy to find, easy to decode / pick up operation

(2) does not damage the goods

(3) does not affect the appearance

(4) does not cover important information on goods or packaging

(5) does not bend the label

In order to prevent the cashier from forgetting to process the label at the time of receipt, the Company proposes to place the induction label in a more prominent position and to unify and narrow the range of the label on the product.

Second, the hard label can not be decoded, can be used to unlock the unlock. Applicable to clothing, bags, footwear, milk powder, bottles and other commodities

The unlocker is able to open the hard label attached to the product, which is on the side of each checkout (at the decode board).

1. With the left hand holding the label on the product, face up, raised part of the lock on the center of the concave part of the lock.

2. Let the label close to the protruding part close to the nail to take the device (unlock) in the pit, right with the right click on the hard label on the nail, and then pull out the goods together. At this time the goods can be separated from the hard tags. The nail is removed.

3. Remove the label from the nail and remove the label from the product.

4. Remove the hard tags and nails were put away, and can be properly kept, do not arbitrarily random, so as to avoid interference with the equipment, a false alarm.


1. In the hard tag nail, take the label, remember not to force the operation, so as not to damage the equipment or goods. If you find obstacles, you should first check the operation is correct, and then re-operation.

2. The hard labels and label nails removed should be collected for re-use.

3. The removed hard labels and label nails should be separated and placed in two containers for reuse. The difference between a soft label and a hard label