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EAS Electronic Anti-theft Devices The Right Choice And Efficient Use Of
- Jun 14, 2016 -

 EAS Electronic Anti-theft Devices

With the development of the supermarket industry and increased awareness of loss prevention, electronic anti-theft device (EAS for short), is very popular in all over the country. Install some benefits of EAS for all to see, one: anti-theft tag triggers the alarm sound, with a strong deterrent, warning "shoplifting" people who "don't stretch, reach will be caught", achieve the goal of crime prevention, recognized the deterrent effect of the total EAS 70%. Second: the police can catch the thief, minimize damage and has a lot of survey data indicates that EAS equipment is installed, can reduce the loss of at least 50% and a decrease in employee management and boost profits.

  EAS it is clear that more and more companies are also welcome business as EAS industry get to know, at the time of purchase of such equipment has not lost as in previous years, but is able to objectively and rationally. For example, after you install EAS equipment many businesses in the past that there would be no loss, and not realize that EAS should focus on management, EAS equipment indispensable but not to rely, EAS equipment no matter what brand you buy, it has bugs, is of critical defects and businesses and spur competition in the EAS and technology continues to develop.