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EM System Acrylic

EM System Acrylic

Model No.: LRT-E088
Composition: Acrylic antenna+metal base+controller
Frequency: 50HZ
Detection range: 75~90cm
Usage: Security for library and pharmacy

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Product Details

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EM system Acrylic

Product name:EAS EM Antenna Anti Theft System 
Model No.:LRT-E088
Composition:Acrylic antenna+metal base+controller
Detection range:75~90cm 
Usage:Security for library and pharmacy
Signal processing mode:DSP

Product Descriptions

1.Material: High quality transparent Acrylic, no deformation, no color, wear-resisting 

Can be compatible with all kinds of EM labels and strips such as 3M,Meto, ect. 

2.Microprocessor control technology, high sensitivity with above 98% detection rate, small blind area. 

3.Connect multi-aisles, each aisle can give warning. 

4.High stability, strong anti-electronic jamming ability, can also protect products with aluminum foil, foil package. 

5.Meet the ultra-low frequency electromagnetic wave detection technology, no radiation and no harm to Human, environmental friendly, more than 10years service life


Technical Specifications

Main voltage

AC:220V±10% 、 50Hz

 Power output


 Work frequency


 Work environment

-10℃ ~ 40℃

 Detection magnetic stripe


 Detection distance


 Antenna Dimension





Antennas: 2pcs/ctn,42kg, 1545x645x140mm
Controller: 5kg/ctn,400 x 290 x 110mm